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Job Responsibilities:

、负责公司基于Android平台的App开发; 1. Responsible for the company's App development based on the Android platform;

、根据产品需求,对App产品进行升级迭代和Bug修复; 2. According to product requirements, upgrade and iterate on App products and fix bugs ;

、主动对产品提出性能和体验的优化方案,积极推动执行。 3. Proactively propose performance and experience optimization solutions for the product and actively promote implementation.



、大专(全日制)及以上的学历, 2年以上的Android编程经验; 1. College degree (full-time) and above, 2 years of Android programming experience;

、有扎实的计算机基础,熟悉Java基础编程, Android网络编程; 2. Have a solid computer foundation, familiar with Java- based programming, Android network programming;

、能够独立完成App项目开发,调试,上线; 3. Able to independently complete the development, debugging, and launch of App projects;

、熟悉Android的网络编程,通信协议,对Socket通信, TCP/IPHTTP协议有一定的理解; 4. Familiar with Android network programming and communication protocols, and have a certain understanding of Socket communication, TCP / IP and HTTP protocols;

、了解ActivityService的生命周期,以及Touch的事件传递机制等; 5 , understand the life cycle of Activity and Service , and Touch event delivery mechanism;

、熟悉Android UI的屏幕适配方案,解决各个机型和系统版本的UI兼容问题; 6. Familiar with the screen adaptation scheme of Android UI , and solve the UI compatibility problems of various models and system versions;

、熟悉基本的网络请求和交互动画的优化。 7. Familiar with the optimization of basic network requests and interactive animation.

Job application

Job Responsibilities:

能够独立完成公司安排的项目尽调工作; 1. Able to complete the project due diligence arranged by the company independently;

能对客户提交的申请资料的完整性、真实性和和效性进行检查核实; 2. Can check the completeness, authenticity and validity of the application materials submitted by customers;

能够完成项目的现场调查和后续检查工作,了解和核实客户情况并能形成文字材料上报; 3. Able to complete the on-site investigation and follow-up inspection of the project, understand and verify the situation of customers and form written materials to report;

对于项目的风险和问题能做出独立评价,独立撰写尽调报告,并对代理环节中可能出现的风险点做充分揭示。 4. Can make independent evaluation of project risks and problems, independently write due diligence reports, and fully disclose possible risk points in the agency link.


大专以上学历,金融、财务、数学、统计等相关专业,有统计、风控工作经验者优先; 1.College degree or above, majors in finance, finance, mathematics, statistics and other related subjects, experience in statistics and risk control is preferred;                                                 

熟悉银行业务或供应链金融业务; 2. Familiar with banking or supply chain finance business;

能独立完成风控报告; 3. Able to complete the risk control report independently;                 

有驾照或自己有车辆,能适应出差的工作安排。 4. Have a driver's license or own a vehicle, can adapt to work arrangements for business trips.

Job application

Job Responsibilities:

完成公司下达的雀喜易购平台的货源厂家(生产加工类型)的招商工作; 1.Complete the investment promotion work of the source manufacturers ( production and processing types ) of the company's platform for the purchase of Nestlé;

为客户提供供应链金融产品和服务,满足了货源厂家的资金需求; 2. Provide customers with supply chain financial products and services to meet the capital needs of supply manufacturers;

积极协调客户内外资源,为客户提供成品销售、原材料采购、仓储、智慧物流等全产业链配套服务。 3. Actively coordinate customers' internal and external resources to provide customers with complete industry chain supporting services such as finished product sales, raw material procurement, warehousing, and smart logistics.


大专以上学历; 1. College degree or above;

曾任唯品金融等产品的业务岗位更佳,有互联网+供应链金融的发展模式的业务经验优先; 2. Business positions with products such as Vip Finance are better, business experience with Internet + supply chain finance development model is preferred;

具有较强的业务开拓能力,独立完成开发谈判及签单; 3. Have strong business development ability, independently complete development negotiations and sign orders;

了解塑化行业下游制造企业更佳。 4. It is better to understand the downstream manufacturing companies in the plastics industry.

+提成+其他补贴。 Salary treatment: basic salary ( 6K-10K ) + commission + other subsidies.

Job application

Job Responsibilities:

1. Recruit shopkeepers and build teams for Quexi.com;

2.Complete the mission objectives assigned by the company.


1. Technical secondary school education or above, communication and expression are acceptable, can bear hardships;

2. Have a willingness to sell, be able to accept customer rejections, be resilient and persuasive.

提成奖金,上不封顶 Benefits: 3K + commission bonus, not capped

Job application

Job Responsibilities:

为雀喜易购商城开发客户,完成公司下达的任务目标; 1. Develop customers for Quexi Tesco Mall and complete the mission goals assigned by the company;

根据货源拓展部开发的工厂供应商信息,完成商家入驻洽谈、签单、付款等事宜; 2.According to the factory supplier information developed by the source development department, complete the business entry negotiation, signing, payment and other matters;



沟通表达可,有沟通感和亲和力,经过电话客服或电话销售专业训练更佳; 1. Communication and expression are available, have a sense of communication and affinity, and have better professional training through telephone customer service or telephone sales;

有销售意愿,积极主动,有一定的耐心引导和穿透客户各类顾虑。 2. Have a willingness to sell, be proactive, have some patience to guide and penetrate all kinds of customer concerns.

提成奖金,上不封顶 Benefits: 3K + commission bonus, not capped

Job application

job requirements:

、有销售工作经验,或愿意从事销售行业,有客户对接的工作经验者优先考虑; 1. Have sales work experience, or are willing to engage in sales industry, work experience with customer docking is preferred;

、对客户开拓有想法,有地推、电销、陌拜经验者优先; 2. Have ideas for customer development, local promotion, telemarketing, and experience of Mobai are preferred;

、能接受出差。 3 , can accept business trips.


Salary and benefits:

、底薪: 4000-6000/+高提成; 1. Basic salary: 4000-6000 yuan / month + high commission;

、六险一金、法定假期、年底双薪、周末双休、员工旅游、年终分红、丰富下午茶、员工生日会等。 2. Six insurances and one fund, legal holidays, double pay at the end of the year, weekends and weekends, employee travel, year-end dividends, rich afternoon tea, employee birthday parties, etc.

Job application

Job responsibilities:

Provide plastic chain financial support for customers in the plastics industry, and provide advancement support for procurement and sales funds.

、负责塑化产品及塑化行业周边行业客户的供应链金融服务销售。 1. Responsible for the supply chain financial service sales of plasticized products and customers in the plastics industry.

、为客户提供全面的仓储物流、进出口货物代采等服务; 2. To provide customers with comprehensive warehousing and logistics, import and export cargo procurement services;

、负责进出口业务的关务统筹及管理 3. Responsible for overall planning and management of import and export business


job requirements:

3045周岁,有3年供应链金融、融资贷款、保理、抵押贷款等经验,熟悉塑料行业优先; 1. 30-45 years of age, 3 years of experience in supply chain finance, financing loans, factoring, mortgages, etc., familiar with the plastics industry is preferred;

、有驾照、有车,能接受出差工作(东莞为主,珠三角为辅,偶尔广东省范围内,极个别情况会出省出差); 2. Have a driver's license, a car, and can accept business trips (Dongguan mainly, supplemented by the Pearl River Delta, and occasionally within Guangdong Province, in rare cases, they will travel)

、有大量的塑化行业资源,塑化行业老板人脉优先; 3 , there are a lot of plastics industry resources, plastics industry boss contacts are preferred;

、若谈判技巧及性格开朗,销售意愿强烈的,可放款上述经验,内部培养,属于第三类人员。 4 , if the negotiation skills and cheerful personality, sales will be strong, you can loan the above experience, internal training, belong to the third category of personnel. 月)。 ( 5-8K / month salary during the training period).

万(具体需面议) +业务提成。 Salary treatment: annual salary base salary of 100,000 to 150,000 (specific negotiable) + business commission. 万/年。 The total salary is 300,000-800,000 / year.

Job application

Job Responsibilities:

1. Engage in website project development; 2. Work in coordination with other members of the project team in accordance with the project plan, and complete the development task on time under the premise of ensuring quality; 3. Actively and seriously modify the program according to the questions raised by the testers To ensure the high quality of the product.


1. Two years or above full-time B / S architecture J2ee development experience, with the ability of independent architecture based on MVC multi-layer development framework; 2. Proficient in Java programming language, deep understanding of object-oriented programming ideas; 3. Familiar with J2EE, proficient in JSP , Servlet, JavaBean and other J2EE standards, have practical project experience with hibernate, struts, struts2, Spring MVC and other frameworks; 4. Familiar with Web and front-end technologies (including Javascript, ajax, json, jQuery and other development frameworks), and have practical Development experience; 5. Familiar with the deployment and configuration of Tomcat, weblogic and other web servers; 6. Familiar with mainstream databases such as Mysql or Oracle; 7. Familiar with relevant technologies such as RTC, maven, ant; 8. Familiar with the Junit test framework and understanding of testing Drive development; 9. Have a sense of responsibility, teamwork awareness, good communication and expression skills, can bear the pressure of work, and have a strong initiative.

Job application

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales of the company's plastic raw materials, masterbatches and plastic additives;

2. Responsible for developing and searching for information on the plastics use industry in South China;

3. Understand the distribution of plastics industry in South China and the trend of materials;

job requirements:

1. Have more than two years of sales experience in the category of plastic raw materials, masterbatches and additives;

2. Extensive sales resources in South China; a high degree of grasp of the purchasing characteristics of an industry;

3. Understand the injection molding process.


Basic salary 5-10k + commission, monthly salary 15000-50000 yuan

Job application